We are SO excited to have students returning to Saint Anne for the September 2021-2022 school year! We are aiming to navigate this process of returning to school with positivity and faith. The Staff here at Saint Anne continue working hard to ensure the safest return for all. We have been following the guidelines and policies outlined by our Board and Waterloo Region Public Health. This is a community-wide effort, and as such, we need YOUR help and assistance to make this work as seamlessly as possible. 

It is estimated that students have been out of the in-person learning environment for 26 weeks over the last year. As such, it is our first priority to come back together, focus on  re-engaging, reconnecting, and taking the time to get to know each and every learner. Thank you in advance for your patience, your trust, and of your kindness as we navigate this journey in partnership together.

To prepare for the new school year, WCDSB has shared a number of Operational Guidelines which provide the protocols, guidelines, and expectations that will be in place to help prevent and respond to cases of COVID-19 in our schools and workplaces. 

As we head towards the start of this school year, here are a few important reminders and announcements:

A Warm Welcome

A very special welcome to any new families that are joining the Saint Anne school community! We are SO glad you are here!

A warm welcome to our new teaching staff, Ms. Haffner (grade 6/7 teacher), Ms. Tank (grade 5/6 teacher), and Mr. Masciovecchio (grade 1 teacher).

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Carla Fundak-Bonsma. She is our new Vice Principal. Congratulations to Mrs. Sandra Labelle for her new position as Acting Principal at St. Isidore. Congratulations to Ms. Jessica Weber who was our vice principal this past summer, but who has now moved as the Vice Principal at Saint John Paul. Once a Golden Star, always a Golden Star.

We also wish Mrs. Schnute a wonderful and restful maternity leave with her new baby.

Schedule for Week of September 6th:

Tuesday, September 7th: First day of school for Grades 1 to 8 at 9:15 am.   Prearranged visits for our Year 1 (JK) students and NEW Year 2 (SK) students and one parent.

Wednesday, September 8th:  First day of school for Year 2 (SK) students.

Thursday, September 9th:  Staggered Entry for Year 1 (JK) students.

Friday, September 10th:  Staggered Entry for Year 1 (JK) students.

Parking Lot

As we continue to focus on the safety of our students,  our shared school/church parking lot will be closed in the mornings from 8:45 am – 9:15 am and again from 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm. If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child to school, we ask that you park on neighbouring streets.

The Kiss and Drop Drive-Thru can be found at the front of the school and will be open for you to safely drop your child off prior to the day. When entering the Kiss and Drop area, please do so in a single file; do not pull up beside other vehicles or to let your child(ren) out. 

Please do not park or get out of your car while in the Kiss and Drop lane. Rather than idling,  you may park in any front parking spaces available. These 14 parking spaces face East Avenue. Because we have community members navigating mobility issues, as well as for students who require special transportation, we ask that you never park in any designated accessibility zones. 

Above all, please be patient and kind as this area is extremely busy in the morning! 


If your child rides the bus, remember that masks are mandatory as is assigned seating.  Students who are unable to follow these safety protocols will receive reminders and if needed, there will be follow up with parents or adults at home. 

Upon arrival, Staff will be on-site to greet and direct children to the back schoolyard upon drop-off.

Stars, enjoy your day tomorrow!  We can’t wait to start this new school year!  See you on Tuesday!!