Hello Golden Star Families:

Thank you for a fantastic first week back to school and all of your support. Our students were amazing and resilient with all of the changes that were put in place for everyone’s safety. As we move forward into next week, it is time for us to take the next steps for safety measures and reiterate the pick-up/drop-off that we recently communicated. Beginning on Monday, September 14th, no parents will be allowed on the playground. We realize there may be some confusion about where to drop off your child in the morning or meet your child after school. You will need to drop off your child at the front of the school (East Avenue), the side of the school (Pandora Avenue)or at the back of the school where the path is on Melrose Avenue. Older siblings can also assist on walking the students onto the playground.

Please note: We will allow Kindergarten and Grade 1 parents to pick-up their child at the end of the school day in an area designated by their classroom teacher.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this situation and thank you for respecting our processes as we maneouver this year together.


The Staff and Administration of Saint Anne Roman Catholic School