Sept. 13th – More Important Updates!

This school start-up is like no other we have ever had in our history.  There were many new processes, protocols and procedures that we put in place so that our students would have a safe school environment to return to.  We would like to thank all our parents for all the work you have done to prepare your children to return to school, from wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, to teaching them about physical distancing.  We will continue to practice these new routines at school as well.

Drop-off/Pick-Up of Students!

Starting tomorrow, Monday, September 14th, parents are asked to drop students off at all of the entrances of the school property. Provide a quick goodbye and wish them on their way. At the end of the day, during pick-up times, only parents of students from Grades JK to Grade 1 will be allowed on the school property at dismissal time to gather their child(ren). Please ensure that you have an established meeting place with your child(ren) to make pick-up quick and efficient. We appreciate our parents’ understanding as we asked students to come onto school property independently. We know this was difficult for some of you and we empathize. Our students are becoming more resilient as we allow them to grow which is a great testament to our nurturing families.

Congratulations and Welcome!

Welcome to some new staff members! Mrs. Best and Mr. Delaurier have joined our French Immersion team currently teaching Grade 5/6 and Grade 6. As well, we welcome Miss McPhail who is covering Planning Time in our Early Years Division while Mrs. Sawaya-Bester is on maternity leave.

Congratulations to Mrs. Rellinger who was recently appointed as Vice-Principal at St. Anne’s in Cambridge. We wish her all the best in her new position.

Spirit Days!

Each and every Wednesday we ask that your child show their school spirit by wearing clothing with our school colours – Blue or Yellow!  They are also encouraged to wear Spirit Wear if they have any.  We will be posting more information on how to order spirit wear this year in the coming weeks for your child.  Nothing makes us more proud when we see our Golden Stars showing their Star pride and shining brightly!

Nurturing for Learning!

We will still be able to offer a Nutrition for Learning Program this year at Saint Anne’s.   Nutrition for Learning provides our school with healthy snacks for our students. The program will begin the week of September 21st, so please be sure to pack your child enough snacks until we start receiving our food.

Boomerang Lunches!

Beginning September 14th, 2020, all pre-packaged waste from your child’s lunches will be returned home in their lunch bags.  This includes any packaging, plastic bags and wrapping. Any compostable items such as fruit peelings and uneaten crusts of sandwiches will also be sent home. Normally we would compost these at school but due to the current COVID pandemic we are unable to do so. Boomerang lunches work!

Saint Anne School and our ECO team prides itself in being a leader in the way we treat the Earth. The boomerang lunch program is another area where we can show our respect for our environment and to reduce waste and touch points for our staff and students – keeping everyone safe!  Thanks for your support with this very important initiative and in helping reduce waste and keeping our students and staff safe!

Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to shine brightly!

#We’re in this together!

See all the students on Monday!