Today St. Anne’s School Parent Council is launching their fall fundraiser – MacMillan’s Classics!  MacMillan’s Classics is full of everyday grocery items that is convenient to have ready in your fridge and freezer.  From Scoop & Bake Gourmet Cookies to Artisan Soups, MacMillan’s is reasonably priced and easy to find a few ‘must have items’.

Guaranteed 30% of all sales return to us to directly fund initiatives that support the students of St. Anne’s.  We have the opportunity to receive 40% of sales back when we reach over 751 items sold – and with our amazing school at 570 plus students, this is a goal we can easily achieve!

A fundraising form will be sent home with the oldest child in each family. Each form will include a MacMillan’s Classics Fundraising Order Form and ordering instructions.

All orders and payments must be made using School Cash Online by Wednesday October 23rd.  Sadly, no later orders can be accepted.  Simply record orders with the order form, collect payment and make a large purchase on School Cash Online!

Pick-up is very important – we have conveniently scheduled pick-up on the same evening as Parent Teacher Interview Night, Thursday November 7th!  We will be located in the gym.

For people who are not interested in purchasing anything with MacMillans Classics but still want to support our school community, there is an option to log on to School Cash Online to make a cash donation, with tax receipts available.

Thank you for your support in this important fundraiser!  Good luck, and have fun selling!!

St. Anne’s School Parent Council