Let’s Celebrate your Success with 

Distance Learning! 

Mrs. DeMars is currently working on this year’s yearbook (more information to come soon!!) and she is putting together a two-page spread to showcase students completing work at home during the school closure. Students and parents- you should be PROUD of everything you are accomplishing at home! We know your Umbrella skills are helping with your success! 

IF YOU WANT, you could take a picture of your child completing school activities at home, authentically learning or showing something they have created (if you prefer not to share your face) and email it to Corinne.Demars@wcdsb.ca. This picture MIGHT end up in the yearbook!! If you have multiple children at St. Anne’s, it would be best to take a picture of them together to increase your chances of making it into the yearbook. Send your pictures by Monday May 25th. 

We can’t wait to see you learning at home!!