Administration Message

On behalf of the school staff, welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting school year at Saint Anne Roman Catholic Elementary School and a special welcome to all our new families and students.

We are very excited about the talents, expertise, and experiences that our staff members will be able to share with our students and the Saint Anne school community during the 2018-2019 school year.  The upcoming school year promises to be a successful and happy one for all our students.

Just like the last four summers we were fortunate to upgrade our school with renovations. The scope of work this school year included renovating room 106.  The renovation consisted of constructing a classroom and a staff workroom. Extended day has been relocated from room 106 into room 101 with a new entry for parents and children that are part of our extended day program. Air conditioning roof units were installed in the library and in four Intermediate classrooms. We also added two portables for the first time since the doors opened in 1948. We currently have 24 classrooms and an enrolment of 517.

Please join us at our Meet the Teacher/Staff Night and BBQ on Thursday, September 20th from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Remember Me Inc. will be preparing and providing all food items. Purchase of food items will occur at BBQ.  All parents and their children are welcome to attend the night. Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  When visiting your child’s class, please check out the new renovations also.

On Tuesday, September 25th at 10:45 am, students and staff will participate in our first school mass of this school year.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Our school mass will be in our parish St. Anne Church. Thank you to Father Brian, Father Tom and Mary (Youth Minister) for all your dedication and support of Saint Anne School.

September is also a time when we can give God thanks for this wonderful month, for all the love poured out on us, and the good days to come during this new school year. May God bless all of us who work, pray and learn together with new friendships, successful learning, good health, and happiness.


Philip Bruni    &     Vella Giglio-Chiasson
Principal                   Vice-Principal


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School Cash  On Line

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You will need to pay for agenda’s, excursions, Pizza, Pita’s and any other items. We will not be accepting cash in the School.
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Please ensure you complete all WCDSB  forms on Cash on Line.

ECO Schools

Welcome to a new year of “Being Green” St Anne’s Community. Our Eco program will be up and running shortly. Please help us keep green by remembering to pack reusable lunch containers whenever possible. We look forward to a great year of making positive changes in our school and the world!

Visitors in the School

Parents/Guardians are asked to help make our school a safe one by remembering the following guidelines. Throughout the day, schools often have many visitors who enter the school. The Board policy is that all visitors to a school must sign in at the main office. This policy is designed to protect children from coming into contact with a stranger. If you are coming to school during the day to meet your child(ren), please go directly to the office to sign in.  Your understanding is much appreciated.

Pizza Days

PIZZA DAY is back starting Thursday September 21, 2016. Please go to cash online to pay for your child’s pizza. Orders will be accepted until midnight Tuesday nights.   There will be no cash orders, only online orders. Pizza day will be every Thursday until the end of the school year.

Medication at School

If you will require your child to receive ANY form of medication, either over the counter (Tylenol, cough medicine), or prescription, the school is required to have on file, your signed consent.  Please contact the office or your child’s teacher if you require an “Administration of Oral Medication” Form for your child(ren).  We are not able to accept a verbal/note request to administer any form of medication. The medication must be administered by one of the staff. Please also note, that all children are expected to enjoy outdoor recess when attending school.  Please be aware of this policy when sending your child(ren) to school if recovering from an illness.

Student Absences

If your child is going to be absent from school or late due to illness or appointments, please call the office at 519-745-7847 and leave a message on the attendance line. Please select ‘1’ for the attendance line and leave a message (this is checked regularly). It is very important that we know where your children are for their safety. If we have not heard from you, we will call you at home and/or at work. If we are unable to locate anyone in regards to the whereabouts of your child, our next step may be to phone the police. If your child will be leaving for an appointment during the school day, please write a note in their agenda or to the teacher and come into the office to sign him/her out at the appropriate time. Thank you!

Nuts, Peanuts and their By-Products

Once again, this year, we have several students attending Saint Anne Roman Catholic Elementary School with a severe allergy that can cause an anaphylactic reaction.  An anaphylactic reaction is an allergic reaction so severe that it can cause death.  These children have a severe allergy to Peanuts and Nut Products.  Since these children can react to trace amounts, inhaling or ingesting even minute amounts can trigger a life threatening reaction.  Emergency treatment involves an immediate drug injection and an immediate trip to the hospital.

These children with this allergy are showing admirable restraint and maturity in dealing with their problem.  They are taught not to share any food because of a possible reaction. All of us need to do what we can to provide these children with a safe learning environment. Although this may or may not   affect your child’s class directly, we respectfully ask that you not send food products to school that contain peanuts, peanut butter, Nutella or nut products. Please also refrain from bringing products that are considered “look like” peanut butter (i.e. Peanut Free Peanut Butter) as it is difficult to distinguish.

Recently, there are many peanut butter substitutes on the market that are available for consumers. According to the specific product’s promotional materials, the products often “tastes just like peanut butter [and] was designed and developed to protect the millions of kids and adults who suffer from life threatening peanut and tree nut allergies”. While the good intentions behind the development of such products certainly can’t be argued, allowing students to bring the product into a school in which a student is known to be allergic to peanuts / peanut butter is problematic and could potentially have devastating consequences. Right now, staff know immediately what to do if / when a student arrives at school with a peanut butter sandwich. Precautions to protect allergic students are instantly taken. However, should a food product that looks, smells and tastes like real peanut butter (but isn’t real peanut butter) be permitted in a school it places administrators and staff in a position of having to decide definitively if the product is – or isn’t – real peanut butter. Staff members are not qualified food experts and are in no position to make such decisions — particularly where exposure to real peanut butter can literally cause someone’s death.  Therefore, it is for this reason that all peanut butter substitutes must be treated in the same manner as real peanut butter and cannot be allowed in Waterloo Catholic District School Board school.