Greetings All Golden Stars Families!

What a great first two days!  Filling the building with smiles, laughter and excitement was both an uplifting and wonderful experience!  A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make the transition back into learning a success!

Yesterday your child received a paper from their classroom teacher – outlining the steps for COVID home screening. For the next two weeks, you are asked to screen, sign and return the COVID student-screening form diligently. It will need to be signed EACH day for the NEXT TWO WEEKS.  

This sheet will confirm that you have completed the COVID-19 school screening and that your child(ren) are symptom free.  We call this a green checkmark.  

The screening checklist itself can be found at:  For your convenience, we also copied it onto the back side of the sheet your child received yesterday. Go through the questions carefully and one at a time with your child every morning before they leave for school. 

Again, this paper MUST go back and forth until September 17, 2021.

Equally importantly, we hoped and prayed that your home was filled with news that your learner(s) had a great day yesterday and that they were excited to be back in the classroom space!  Keep asking them to share things they particularly enjoyed about their day, something that interested them, a new friend they connected with or something they would like to explore more about. 

Wishing you a wonderful and restful evening! Get a good sleep because we will be back and accomplishing great things again tomorrow!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Shine like Golden Stars always do!

Philip Bruni                      Carla Fundak-Bonsma

Principal                          Vice Principal