Parking Reminders – Kiss and Drop and Rectory Parking

The School Principal and Target Therapeutics the business next door to Saint Anne would like you to obey the parking rules and laws so that everyone can cooperate and be safe.


  • Never park in the Target Therapeutics parking lot for school business
  • Follow all posted laws and rules for parking in the school and church parking lots
  • Reduce your speed to an absolute minimum whenever in the lots
  • Treat all supervisors with the utmost dignity and respect which they deserve

Please see below for helpful reminders of our Kiss-and-Drop Zone and  Rectory Parking. 

Kiss-and-Drop Zone Reminder

We are very fortunate to have a designated area for parents dropping off students.  The Kiss and Drop is in front of our school.  It is labeled with appropriate signage.  Prior to the kiss and drop the lane is a fire route.  Please do not park along the fire route.  Please read the signs carefully.

The Kiss and Drop Zone operates from 9:00 am to 9:15 am and at the end of the school day.   There are support staff supervising this area during this time.  They are instructed to remind parents and guests of our school procedures with the Kiss and Drop.

In the interest of safety for all students and families at Saint Anne Catholic Elementary School, please review these procedures:

  1. When dropping off or picking up your student, please proceed safely and slowly from East Avenue.
  2. As you enter the school ring road, please proceed to the designated kiss and drop zone.
  3. When in the kiss and drop zone, please let students proceed out of the passenger side with their backpacks. You can help keep this process quick by making sure that backpacks and other school items are ready to go.
  4. Please do not use your cell phone at all while you are in the kiss and drop zone; this takes your attention away from the very important task of watching out for pedestrians and other vehicles.
  5. No parking is allowed on “Kiss-n-Drop” zone. This includes parents who are waiting for students at the end of the day or parents who visit the school during the day. Please do not leave your car unattended while waiting for your student. If you need to get out of your car, please park in the available parking spots in front of the kiss and drop.  Another option for parents is our school parking lot behind Saint Anne Parish.

Thank you for following the Kiss-n-Drop procedure that helps make Saint Anne Roman Catholic Elementary School a safe and friendly place for all families.

As you would all agree, the safety of our children is paramount in our daily lives. Almost everything we do takes this into consideration.  A growing concern is developing here in our parking lots and with our neighbours.

“Rectory Parking”

Signs are posted for rectory parking behind St. Anne Parish.  Please do not use these spots as a drop off or pick up for your children, these parking spaces are strictly for Parish business and Parish staff only.  When parents park in these spots to drop off their children, this becomes a safety concern because of the busses and students walking. Bylaw officer will be called and cars will be ticketed in the future. 

 There are many parking spots available for parents behind St. Anne Parish.  Please follow the signs and do not park in the six designated spots deemed rectory parking.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.