Oktober Best Fest!

 In line with the fact that our Region is currently celebrating Oktoberfest, we thought it might be fun at St. Anne to show a little spirit and celebrate the MANY things that make October one of the best and most beautiful months out there! As you also know, equity is important for our families – and we know that not every child will necessarily have a dirndl or pair of lederhosen available to them.  In many cases, it would be culturally weird to even wear them…

SOOOOO…   The theme has been tweaked! 

On Friday October 15th,  ALL STAFF, STUDENTS AND ADMIN are invited to find their inner autumn

inspiration and come dressed in their October Best.  You can be an earth toned colour palate, decorate

in the FREELY found items of your yard or bedazzle yourself in pumpkin accessories. IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

If you have and want to wear and show off your traditional regional costume, such as a gloriously plumed feather hat  – the answer is YES! We celebrate it ALL!