In partnership with Remember Me Inc., we will be continuing with our “Milk Program” again this year.  This will give families the option to order milk (white or chocolate) Lactose Free Milk(white or chocolate) Yogurt drinks and Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies   for their student(s) everyday each week.  All orders can be conveniently placed on the Remember Me Inc. website at Orders can be conveniently paid by credit card, Debit or Debit Visa cards. Remember Me’s website is a secured “https” web page.    Families with an existing account need to log in and re-create their child’s profile as all data from last year gets erased and we want to ensure that orders get delivered to the correct 2018-2019 classes.  Families new to St. Anne Kitchener CS are encouraged to log on to the easy-to-navigate Remember Me website and create your child’s profile.  Milk orders for the months of January, February and March can now be placed.  All online orders must be made by 3 p.m. at least 2 school days prior to the delivery of the milk. If there are any question or concerns about your child’s milk order, please contact Marlene at RMI at 519-620-0303ex 1 or you can email her at We highly encourage putting your child’s milk order in their agenda so they are aware as to when they will be receiving their milk. Please note that school staff are not responsible for the milk program. We are an outside company that provides a full service for parents. If there is a concern with your child’s order please contact Remember Me directly.