The WCDSB has a Ministry requirement to conduct a School Climate Survey every two years with students, staff and parents/guardians as they all play a key role in contributing to a positive school climate. Schools need to be safe and welcoming places so that students can feel comfortable enough to learn.

There are 5 dimensions to the MDI – Middle Years Development Index:
  • social & emotional development
  • physical health & well-being
  • connectedness
  • use of after-school time
  • school experiences

This information will be used by your Principal and all staff to help promote an environment of respect, safety, and belonging for all students. Your answers are confidential and we are interested in what you have to say. All parents/guardians are invited to participate in the voluntary Ministry Developed survey until April 5, 2019.  To participate, please click our school-based link below.

Parent WCDSB Survey @ St. Anne (K)