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March News

 Administration Message

During March, our school community will take time to reflect and pray during this season of Lent. On Tuesday, February 13th, students and staff enjoyed some delicious pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Many thanks to Mrs. Cahill and the Nutrition for Learning Volunteers, Mrs. McQuinn and her class for organizing this event as it is something that the students always look forward to. A special thank you to the parents and student volunteers who flipped and served the pancakes. The pancakes were delicious. Many classes and students even brought dishes and cutlery from home in an effort to reduce the amount garbage.

On Ash Wednesday, February 14th, we experienced a beautiful Liturgy of the Eucharist, celebrated by Father Reitzel and led by Mme Backewich and Mme Sobieszek grade 1 classes. As always, thank you to Mrs. Sawaya-Bester and her choir for making our masses musical. It was proclaimed by the grade 1 students at mass that we will try very hard to pray, help others and follow the footsteps of Jesus. Lent is a time for reflection, prayer, making sacrifices, and doing good deeds for others. May God bless all of you and help us to keep a Holy Lent.

At school during the season of Lent, the students of Saint Anne will do many extra things and say special prayers to prepare themselves for the feast of Easter on Sunday, April 1st. We will celebrate the Easter Season at our Bread Ceremony led by Mrs. McQuinn, Mr. Lisi and their classes on Holy Thursday, March 29th at 9:45 am in our school gymnasium. Following the Bread Ceremony, in the afternoon at 2:45 pm Mr. Delic and his students will lead us in a Stations of the Cross presentation.

Philip Bruni    &     Amy Shantz
Principal                Vice-Principal

Boys Basketball Update

Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team! We have and continue to have an amazing season! We have gone 8-0 in the regular season and will be representing St. Anne’s at the WCDSB Regional Basketball Tournament at RIM Park on March 6th. They have shown amazing dedication and determination and we should all be proud of their effort. Mr. Kandilas and Mr. Delic are so proud of you all!

Thank you to Mr. Kandilas and Mr. Delic for an awesome job coaching.

French Immersion Program

Attention all parents, WCDSB is reviewing its French Immersion program with the intent to expand. This could impact students in the English stream as well as those in French Immersion. Click on link. Please join us next week at one of our open houses March 6th, 7th, and 8th. We would love your feedback.

From St Anne Parish

Thank you to all those who joined us for a beautiful mass on Ash Wednesday to begin their Lenten Observance. A special thanks to all who helped plan the mass, and those who led our community in word, song, and service. We wish everyone a blessed Lent, and look forward to welcoming your family, particularly during Holy Week.

First Reconciliation: Please keep our young people in your prayers as they prepare for their First Reconciliation on March 20. How blessed we are to be called by God’s Mercy! First Communions and Confirmation will be celebrated in April.

Stations of the Cross: Fridays during Lent,  join us for Stations of the Cross at 6:30 pm followed by Mass. Each week is led by a different group from the Parish. Our Altar Servers will be leading the evening on March 23.

70 Years: Do You Remember? 2018 is our 70th year as a Parish Family, and we’re seeking help from all generations to create a memory book. What stories can you share with us? Were you married at St Anne? Does Grandma remember when she spilled juice all over her First Communion dress? Will you tell us about the time you had a really great conversation with a priest, or made a special friend through a ministry? What’s the funniest thing you remember happening at a Parish Picnic? All stories and memories (including pictures!) can be emailed to

Upcoming dates:

Jubilee Mass and Formal Banquet (ticket sales available soon) May 5
Diocesan Youth Rally at Camp Brébeuf, Saturday May 26 (Grades 7-12)
St Anne’s VBS 2018 – Get rescued by Jesus during SHIPWRECKED, July 9-13
For more details please read our Parish Bulletin or call the office. New website coming soon!

Mary Forcier

Youth Minister

SAT News

The Student Action Team is so proud of our St. Anne Stars. Together we have raised $887.25 for Mary’s Place, by selflessly donating money and wearing hats during school.

Mary’s Place supports single parents and their children who are considered homeless or are in crisis. Thanks to the St. Anne Golden Stars, Mary’s Place can continue to support families in need. Way to go, Stars!

Our second round of Waste Minimization and Energy Conservation Walkabouts are complete, and while we have improved in some areas, our garbage continues to be an area we need to focus on. Remember that all garbage sent from home should be boomeranged back home, and that all recycling and food scraps belong in our other bins, not the garbage can. Our EcoTeam will be on the move shortly for their next inspection! What can you do to help improve your class’ score?

Earth Month and Earth Week are just around the corner…let’s keep doing what we can to stay green, Golden Stars!

St. Anne School Library Learning Commons

Participants in this reading program is at an all time high!  Students up to this point have read 290 books! and there is still another 6 weeks to go until Voting Day.

Way to Go Golden Stars Reading Club 😊

March Break Reading Week Link

March Break at the KPL

Tons of great programming at the Kitchener Public Library for March Break.  Check out their calendar of events KPL Calendar Link. You can conveniently register online for programs.  Watch movies in the Auditorium, play Virtual  Reality games, enjoy viewing local art in the Gallery, borrow movies to watch at home, catch up on your  reading and lots more. Check out your local KPL  branch, KPL Website Link for hours and programming.

Damaged Books Returned


With the unpredictable weather and water bottles accidentally opening in backpacks we are having many books returned to the library wet or water damaged.  If you could put your child’s borrowed library books in a plastic bag or Ziploc bag in their backpacks that would help in keeping them safe.  Students are responsible for making sure borrowed materials are returned in good condition.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Have a great March Break!

Mrs. Kocevar


St. Anne School needs you!

 We are looking for Volunteers
Can you help with the following programs?
 Nutrition for Learning
All Star Reading
School Library Learning Commons


Please contact or , send a note in your child’s agenda or reach us at the school 519 745-7847. 

Thank you!

 Lost and Found

On Monday, March 5, the Custodians will be setting up tables to display all the lost and found items. If you know your child/ren have lost items, please feel free to come take a look at the tables located in the hallway by the Before and After School Program.



ARTSHINE is coming to St. Anne Catholic School.   In this session students will be exploring the following themes and mediums:

Season 4 at a Glance

Glow in the Dark: Get ready to blow your friends and family away with this new and fun medium! Students will create drawing-based projects that look great in the day…but even better at night. Glow-in-the-dark paint creates a beautiful luminescence effect that will allow students to add a little unique surprise to their projects! Click on link to view the Spring Poster

Around the world: Children will be inspired by the different forms of art that can be found across the world!

Classic Art with a Modern twist: Learn to recreate classic works of art with a modern twist!

*A cursive writing project will be included during this season.

This 8 week Art Program begins on Thursday, April 12th and takes place at lunch!  Register online before April 12th:   Art Shine Website.

March Fitbit

March is Nutrition Month!

 This year, the focus of the Dietitians of Canada’s National Nutrition Month campaign is “Unlock the Potential of Food.”

Throughout the month of March, Registered Dietitians across Canada will help people discover the potential of food to enhance lives, improve health, inspire children, fuel activities and bring people together!

Participate in Nutrition Month by unlocking the:

  • Potential to fuel: Help your child stay energized by preparing nutritious snacks each day.
  • Potential to discover: Foster healthy eating habits in your child by including them in meal and snack planning and teaching them to shop and cook.
  • Potential to prevent: Help your child understand how food can help to keep their body and mind healthy.
  • Potential to bring us together: Cook and eat together as a family as much as possible.

Try making this easy recipe with your child to “Unlock the Potential of Food” together.


Turkey & Veggie Stuffed Pita*

Makes 4 servings

Preparation Time: 10 min

This easy-to-make sandwich gives leftovers a new lease on life with some serious crunch factor. Use the turkey mixture to make an equally delicious salad. Add a splash of rice vinegar and enjoy.


1/3 cup   0% fat plain Greek yogurt                           75 mL

2 tbsp    light mayonnaise                                            30 mL

1 tsp      Dijon or yellow mustard                                 5 mL

1/4 tsp   fresh ground black pepper                            1 mL

1 ½ cups chopped cooked turkey breast meat        375 mL

1/2 cup   diced red or green bell pepper                   125 mL

1/4 cup   grated carrot                                                  60 mL

2            whole grain pita pockets                                2

4            leaves of lettuce                                               4

1/4         English cucumber, thinly sliced                  1/4


Step 1
In a large bowl, whisk together yogurt, mayonnaise, mustard and pepper. Stir in turkey, red pepper and carrot until coated well.

Step 2
Cut pitas in half and open pockets. Tuck lettuce and cucumber slices into each half and spoon in turkey mixture.

Turkey & Veggie Stuffed Pita recipe is featured in Cookspiration (

* This recipe meets the criteria for Maximum Nutritional Value for an entrée.

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