Today you would  have received an envelope from the School with important information, please see below for instructions. 


  1. Student Verification Form

Please check that all information on this form is correct and up to date ( i.e. parent work numbers, cell numbers, emergency contacts, etc.) The emergency contact person is someone other than a parent.  We will make every effort to contact both parents before using this emergency contact. Please make any necessary changes in any colour other than black.

  1. Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance is made available for all students on a voluntary basis. If you wish to purchase the plan, go onto this website to fill out.

  1. School Cash Online Registration Instructions – New Students

It is imperative that all families REGISTER, we no longer accept cash in the school. We will not be sending home paper copies of permission forms, the notification will be from the email account you use when you register.  Thanks for your cooperation, and once again please feel free to call the school office should you have any questions with School Cash online.

  1. Newswire

Please go to St. Anne Web Site and sign up for Newswire, you will receive important information throughout the year

  1. Calendar

Please click on link below to access our School Calendar to see events that are happening through out the year

6.  Please SIGN ON TO CASH ONLINE to complete these required forms and add to your cart to show you finished                      reviewing all the forms. These forms need to be completed by September 13th.

  •  APH027-07 Informed Consent/Permission Form for Intramurals – Mandatory
  • APH008-01F – Emergency Dismissal, School Bus Cancellation – Mandatory
  • APS017-01 – School Start up – Responsible use of Technology, informed consent (Grade 4 & New Students) – Mandatory
  • APS017-01 – Responsible use of Technology, informed consent (JK-3) – Mandatory
  • APC023*AX – School Start Up – Collection/Use & Disclosure of Student Information Notice. – Mandatory
  • APC023-02 F – Use of Student images and/or Video or Voice Recordings – Mandatory
  • APO004-02 F – Informed Consent/Permission form for Education Trips/Neighbourhood Walks – Mandatory
  • Lunch Letter – Mandatory
  • School Agenda Books – $5.00 – Mandatory (Gr.1-8)
  • Violence Threat Risk Assessment Pamphlet (Review and add to your cart) – Mandatory
  • APH005-01 F Critical Medical Alert
  • School Council Nomination Form
  • Volunteer Driver Form – If you intend to drive students to and from school activities

 Greetings from St Anne Parish

On behalf of our parish family, we wish all staff, students, and parents a safe and blessed return to school. You are in our prayers, please also pray for us.

For the month of September, St Anne will continue it’s Summer Mass Schedule.

  • Saturday Evening Mass: 4 pm
  • Sunday Morning Mass: 9:30 am

No matter how long it’s been, you are always welcome to join us in worship.

If your child is interested in receiving First Eucharist or Confirmation this year, make note of the following information meetings for parents and students:

  • First Eucharist: Monday September 23 at 6 pm in the Church
  • Confirmation: Monday November 11 from 6:30-7:30 in the Parish Hall

Our Free Family Movie Nights on the fourth Friday of each month return on September 28 with Aladdin (2019). Free popcorn, pizza and pop for $1 each. See you there!

More details are available on our parish website You can also follow us on Facebook at

May God bless you,

St Anne Parish Pastoral Team – Fr. Brian Quigley, Fr. Tom Vermiglio, Mary Forcier