Hello Golden Star Families!

Hope all is well and that Teacher Led Distance Learning has been going smoothly for the first few days. The Board has been updating the WCDSBLearn@Home portal on their website and there are lots of resources available to support the learning at home. As well, there is a section that has been set up to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The link to this section is attached below. Check it out!

Copy of April- Self-Efficacy


As we continue to face these unprecedented times and the “unexpected” rain of life, we are being provided with opportunities to strengthen our umbrella skills. Our Umbrella Project skill for this month is self-efficacy. Our self-efficacy determines which goals we strive for, how much energy we put towards our goals and the likelihood that we will achieve them. If we don’t think we can do something, we are unlikely to give the task a lot of our time and energy and we are therefore unlikely to succeed at that task. Self-efficacy is a big part of our motivation to try something and this skill gets stronger the more we overcome difficulties and challenges related to our goals. As our self-efficacy increases, we feel a greater sense of control over our lives and we are more likely to achieve our dreams. Please refer to some of the activities you can work on with your children to continue to build their umbrellas. 

Continue to stay safe and be well!