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The season of Advent started on Sunday, December 1st. In this eventful season, the students and staff of Saint Anne Roman Catholic Elementary School are trying to make Advent what it should be – a time of simple living, extra prayer, and preparation for a new coming of Jesus. It is during this time that we continue to administer to those less fortunate through our Angel Tree initiative. Through your overwhelming generosity, our students are learning the importance of giving back to the community. It is our hope that each one of us will be touched by the love and simplicity of God through this season of Advent as we pray, celebrate and prepare for Christmas. 

 To this end, we will be involved in a variety of activities such as:

  •  Advent Reconciliation for grades 3-8
  • Weekly School-Wide Advent Liturgies
  • Advent Mass, December 10th at St. Anne Parish at 1:30 pm
  • Classroom Activities on Advent
  • Journey to Bethlehem Administration Class Visits
  • School Census
  • Christmas Concert, Dec. 18th in gym
  • Christmas Angel Tree Drive

 We hope that you will be able to join us with these events and celebrations.

 This month our focus for our Umbrella Project is cognitive flexibility. To briefly summarize cognitive flexibility is our ability to change our strategies when we face new and unexpected situations. It’s our brain capacity to make sense of the unfamiliar, to pivot and thrive in uncertainty. It’s important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity. It also helps us accept and understand people and situations that are different from ours. Life doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern; cognitive flexibility helps us navigate this uncertainty and feel like we have more options when faced with challenges. As things change around us, we need to change in order to maintain our wellbeing. This month we can’t wait to walk you through this cool skill and help you find ways to flex this part of your child’s brain.

 Spreading our Christmas Cheer! The week before Christmas holidays is always filled with excitement therefore we are having some school-wide spirit activities. Please consider joining the fun and sharing your Christmas spirit!

Mon., Dec. 16th Tues., Dec 17th Wed., Dec. 18th Thurs., Dec 19th Fri., Dec. 20th
Christmas Hat Day! Christmas Sock Day! Christmas Concert Day! Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day! Santa’s Helper Day! Dress up in red and green or like Santa’s little elf!

The staff of Saint Anne wishes our students and their families a Christmas season filled with peace, joy, and love, and many blessings in the New Year 2020.  

We’ll see everyone back at school on Monday, January 6th, 2020.   


P. Bruni           S. Labelle
Principal          Vice Principal

ECO News

Our Golden Stars will be making it a GREEN Christmas here at St. Anne’s! On the last day of school for 2019, we may look ugly but we will sure will be snugly…thanks to our “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” campaign. We plan to save A LOT of energy by turning the heat DOWN and bundling UP. Remember to wear those Christmas sweaters!

Our New Year’s Resolution is to reduce the amount of contamination in our garbage cans. On our next Waste Minimization Walkabout, we hope to find all recycling in the blue bins, all food scraps and tissues in the green bins, all paper in the white bins, and only school garbage in our garbage cans because home garbage has been boomeranged. Can we do it, Golden Stars?!?

Boys Intermediate Volleyball

Congratulations to the Boys Intermediate Volleyball Team! We had a great season coming in third place in our division and spending many hours working hard and practicing and having fun! Mr. Delic and Mr. Francis would like to thank all the players and parents for their support this year! A thank you and great job to all the players:

Colten I., Gavin H., Cole D., Thomas P., Evan Gr., Marcus M., Tyler W., Tristan D., Nick C., Owen N., Aaryan M., Nick K., Ghassan M., Finn M., Gabe R., Joshua E., Reid T., & Caleb R..

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Delic and Mr. Francis for coaching the boys.

Girls Intermediate Basketball

It was an excellent season for the girls basketball team. The girls went undefeated in league play and earned a birth into the regional tournament. They played with passion and heart in the tournament and ended up finishing 7th overall in the region. Miss Dufresne, Miss Knoop and Mr. Pickett thank the girls for their hard work and commitment over the season and wish the grade 8’s all the best in their high school careers.

Chloe B., Mikaela B., Quinn B., Gabriela F., Emma G., Ryan H., Beth L., Addison M., Julia P., Victoria P., Ava P., Brooklynn P., & Consy S.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Pickett, Miss Dufresne & Miss Knoop for coaching the girls.

Making our Holiday Meals Healthier using Canada’s food guide

The holiday season is fast approaching, and food and beverages are often central to many of our holiday celebrations and festivities. The new Canada’s food guide is a great tool to help you and your family make healthier food choices throughout this holiday season.

Keep Proportions in Mind

Encourage your family to use Canada’s food guide as a model at holiday meals. Aim to fill half the plate with vegetables and fruit and choose protein foods and whole grain foods for the other two quarters of the plate.

Be Mindful

The new food guide encourages us to think beyond what we eat, and to also think about how we eat. During celebrations there is often an abundance of food and festivities. Use these tips to help your kids be more mindful eaters in the busyness of the holiday season:

  • Take time to eat: find the time and space to sit down as a family and focus on eating without any distractions.
  • Notice your feelings of hunger and fullness: encourage kids to make food choices based on their hunger level, rather than boredom or availability.

Think about your drink

There are lots of sweets and treats during the holiday season. Replacing sugary drinks with water is a simple way to reduce the amount of sugar your kids are having. Let your kids try adding fresh fruit to water if they want a special drink for a special occasion.  Here are some ideas to try:

  1. Chopped apples + cinnamon stick
  2. Cranberry + lemon
  3. Raspberries + cucumber
  4. Blackberries + mint

*To avoid risk of choking, make flavoured water in a pitcher and serve in glasses without fruit or flavours.

Think Beyond Food to Celebrate

Finally, instead of celebrating with food, try celebrating with a family activity like playing a favourite game, making a holiday craft, going skating or playing outside.

 Adapted from Visit for more information.

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