Earth Day Challenge:

Connect with Nature

Sponsored by: 

St. Anne’s Eco Team

Did you know?

Wildlife is coming out to play while humans stay locked away in cities amid coronavirus pandemic.

Click on the following link to enjoy watching some amazing animals!

Wildlife Coming Out to Play

What animals can you spot?

Okay, we may not be able to spot penguins or koalas, but the St. Anne’s Eco Team challenges you to spot local animals from the safety of your balcony, backyard, or window. For instance, just the other day Mme Delaney spotted a turkey vulture walking in her yard!

What animals can you spot? Take a photograph, draw a picture, research fun facts, or just get someone in your household to enjoy connecting with nature with you. You can even make a math challenge (i.e. How many birds can you count? How many ways can you sort the birds that you can see? If you spot 4 birds, how many legs would there be in total?)

Tweet any pics to @StAnneEcoTeam .

Earth Day, April 22, is an international day to celebrate and care for our planet. During this time of social distancing, remember you can still get safely outside and connect with nature.

As well, you have a opportunity to participate in “The Great Gulp” Challenge!

Having clean water is sometimes taken for granted in countries like Canada where quenching a thirst is as simple as turning on the tap.

But other communities around our planet are not so lucky … here to see just how important clean water is. Click here to read about tap water safety. And think  how lucky we are to have safe clean water that doesn’t need to come in a harmful plastic bottle! Today at 11 am, we will be drinking a gulp of tap water to say no to harmful plastic water bottles and yes ✔to tap water.

The St. Anne’s Eco Team hopes that you enjoy these challenge and wishes you a very Happy Earth Day 2020!. The staff have shared a message with you about what they believe the world needs.

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