Hello Golden Star Families:

There is so much to love about the fun and imagination that comes with this

 time of year! At St. Anne, we have discussed some great ways to  not only celebrate Halloween but also follow some important Covid Safety Guidelines and to make it an accessible and inclusive holiday for all. Staff and teachers have worked hard to find a number of ways where Halloween can be celebrated in a safe, socially distanced, and lively way.

On Friday, Oct. 29, 2021 we will celebrate “Spirit Day.” All students and staff will be invited to wear their choice of orange and black clothing, costume or “autumn spirit” wear. We ask that if you send your child dressed in a costume or halloween themed clothing, that you please ensure it is appropriate for school.  This includes costumes that are non-violent in nature, modest and reflect our Catholic values.  Students are also asked not to bring weapons or wear masks (other than the mandatory COVID-19 masks). We discourage ‘props’ as they tend to be easily lost and/or damaged thus resulting in tears and disappointment.  Lastly, we also want to make sure that students are able to manage their own costumes – particularly for washroom breaks. 

We know that Halloween is a time for treats! This year we are NOT able to share food treats with each other. If a child brings some to school, they will be sent back home. Students MAY bring their own, individual serving of a special snack or treat to enjoy during the activities planned by their classroom teachers.  

And so, it is with excitement and anticipation that we await this upcoming day of celebration, fun and imagination… 

Until then, dream lots, imagine and get ready to showcase your spooktacular school SPIRIT!