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Calling the Saint Anne Community!


We are so excited to announce that we entering the world of Virtual Reality!  

Our Plan

To add to our Mobile Makerspace in our school, we are creating a kit that provides staff and students the opportunity to explore the world we live in. The Mobile Makerspace in our school will promote creativity and innovation through hands on learning experiences, both physically and virtually, through the use of Virtual Reality Goggles and Expeditions.  Classes will be able to use the goggles to support various learning opportunities within their classrooms.  Students will have the opportunity to travel in a way they never thought possible, promoting curiosity and student centered inquiry based learning.

How You Can Help

Have a smartphone or Ipod Touch (4th generation and beyond) that is not being used?
We are looking for gently used electronics to support our expeditions.
Please send technology to the main office.

Monetary donations are also appreciated and will be put towards purchasing necessary items for the kit. Please go to School Cash Online to make your donation.

Thank you for your support!  We are so excited to begin exploring!