We finally have the results of our big box fundraiser! Thanks to all the efforts of the students and families of St. Anne’s, we not only hit our target of 450 boxes sold, we shattered it, selling a total of 647 boxes and raising nearly $8,000 for our school community between box sale and cash donations! 

As a reward, we have a Grand Finale Fundraiser Day planned for Wednesday, November 28.  On this day, Mr. Bruni will dress up in a monkey onsie costume and travel around the school for photo opportunities with the students!  We will also draw for the prizes, which will include a total of 10 Chapters gift cards, as well as the grand prize of an Apple Ipod!!!

Finally, on this day the class that sold the most boxes will be rewarded with a Pizza Lunch!!!  Congratulations to Madame Backewich grade 4 class, who sold a total of 59 boxes of cards!!!  Well Done!!

Thanks again for your tremendous support during this fundraiser campaign.

St. Anne’s School Council