Good morning all,

We kicked off our day today with an awesome Participaction Community Event, we had everyone outside participating in fun athletic events and games; we were thrilled to get this in before the really hot temperatures kick in.

Speaking of hot temperatures, I am sure that some of you have been wondering about heat and outdoor restrictions. We received the following Heat Protocol clarity message from the school board this morning.

Heat Message:

Good morning, As you are aware, today marks the beginning of a heat wave in the Region of Waterloo. Currently APH008 provides direction regarding cold weather, but not extreme heat. This AP will be reviewed and updated over the summer to better reflect the climate change that we are experiencing in Southern Ontario. For the next two weeks, please follow the guidelines listed below:

Extreme Heat: Temperature With or Without Humidex

  • Cooler than 35 C: students may remain outside for all regular outside activities.
  • Between 35 & 40 C: students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minute intervals at a time.
  • Hotter than 40 C: students must remain inside.

Note that sporting events scheduled for this week are subject to this and may be cancelled as a result.

Lema Salaymeh Senior Manager of Communications

AS A FOLLOW UP to Lema’s Message our sport coordinator let us know the following: This means that today’s tournaments, and the rest of the week’s interschool events will be cancelled. Unfortunately, due to the timeline of the end of the year approaching, we will not be able to reschedule 14 tournaments, so there are no make-up dates. At. St. Anne’s this unfortunately means that our Junior Boys and Girls 3-Pitch teams as well as our Intermediate Ultimate Frisbee team will not be attending their previously scheduled tournaments on Tuesday and Thursday. With no air conditioning in the gym, we have also made the decision to cancel the last two Basketball clinics that would have run Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Mr. Pleau and I will monitor the temperature and humidity throughout each day and we’ll make decisions about recess times and durations based on the board’s direction. The Weather Network will be our guide in these decisions:

Also of note, if a class has a trip planned, no worries, these will carry on as normal, staff will be mindful of the temperature restrictions and adjust their trip schedule/activities while emphasizing lots of drinking water for kids on the trip.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, have a cool day!